Saturday, April 19, 2008

Everyone's sick at our house. Well, almost everyone.

DH has this terrible flu stuff going on. It started on Tuesday with a trip to the ER thinking he was having a heart attack. Rapid heart rate, chest tightness, and elevated blood pressure. The Dr. sent him back to work because by the time he was seen, he was feeling better. Well, he wasn't really feeling better, but his heart rate was back to normal. Then Wed. he felt like shit. On Thursday he couldn't leave the bathroom. He's sleeping right now.

Then this morning I woke up to what sounded like a baby crying. I really couldn't figure it out. I know it wasn't DS, he does have night terrors sometimes so I remember what he sounds like. It turned out to be DD. She was burning up, crying about a headache, her heart was racing, she said she couldn't feel her legs, and she was dizzy. We called the Dr. and she said there was stuff going around that sounds like that and to give her Advil. If her fever doesn't get any higher and she doesn't start throwing up, she should be fine. She is sleeping now.

When I woke up on Tuesday, I thought I had pinkeye. I've never had it before, so I didn't know. My eye hurt, it was crusted over, but it wasn't red. I went to the Dr. and she said it was a stye (sp). A blocked gland in my eye. So, I'm putting this ointment in my eye 4 times per day for 7 days. The pain is gone, but now it itches, and if I itch it, then it hurts again. I'm not sleeping.

DS is fine. His allergies are really acting up, but this weather is too enticing for him. He was having a fundraiser at our local amusement park today for his school. Well, we already paid for the tickets, but he was the only one who could go. Thanks Grandpa for taking him!!! They played miniature golf and arcade games.

The great thing was that the rides weren't opened, so we got free tickets to attend anytime this year!!

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