Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cassie's Birthday.......long overdue.

This is the cake made by our very talented cake making friend, Tammy. I guess is was supposed to be the picture below, but after some attempts that didn't work, we got the above. And trust me, I would much rather eat a cake with body party on it than a jayhawk!

I guess I didn't take many pictures! This is some of us getting ready to sit down. Cassie's birthday was right before Halloween. We asked her what she wanted to do, and she decided on a haunted house.
Now I am a big chicken when it comes to stuff like that. But, I sucked it up just for her. We ate at TGIF's. I should have taken a picture of the knife they brought out for us to cut it with! Biggest thing I've ever seen.

I debated on whether to get drunk before the big event or not. On one hand, liquor gives me courage, and lord knows I needed some of that! Did I mention that DH stayed home with the kids. I didn't even have him to hang onto. As far as drinking, I decided not to. I was really afraid I'd either make myself sick with fear and the liquor would speed up that, or I would pee my pants.

When we got to the haunted house, it was actually a huge field. Remember Children of the Corn? Yeah, right here in Kansas. With me waiting in line for it. The crazy things I do for my friends.

In all, the worst part was waiting in line. For 2 hours. Yes, for 2 hours we stood in line. And it was cold. There were about 10 of us. They only let 6 go in a group. We had to split up. Not only was my husband not there for me, but 1/2 my friends made me go first.

Let's go back to the line part. There were some really freaky people in line. They scared me. Then there were some VERY young children in line!! I'm talking like 3 years old!! WTF?!?!?!?!? How could someone think that something like this was appropriate for their children? My kids' are much older and I wouldn't let them go.

OK, so now it's my turn to go in. There were 5 of us in the group. They put us in this little room while we waited until we could enter the field. I starting crying for DH. I made the woman tell me that if I freaked out too bad, someone would carry me out. It took her a bit, but she finally said ok.

I started out in the middle of the line. I quickly realized that those insane people mess with the middle people, knowing they are the scaredest. I quickly pushed my way to #2. I was concentrating so hard on being brave, that it actually wasn't that scary. And we were all so quiet, we were actually sneaking up on the insane people. We caught several off guard and they didn't get the chance to scare us.

There was one part that we had to walk through this building they made into a house. We walked through rooms with a dead family in it. Blood everywhere. Dead bloody baby in a crib. Ok, so I handled that, but what about those little kids I mentioned above??

I have a feeling this post is getting too long and no one is still reading. So, I'll end it now.

We got out. We survived. Our group hardly even screamed. Our friends behind us screamed so loud that we heard them the whole way. They also ran their asses off! At the end they had actually caught up with us. If I would have been in their group, I would have not made it.
My brave group made me brave. And we survived. I'm here to tell about it. Even if it is 6 months later.

And I may be persuaded to do it again. On 2 conditions. I have lots of alcohol and my husband.

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