Saturday, August 18, 2007

Wedding day!

I'm really not sure why I've been procrastinating this post for so long. I guess because of all the stories to tell??

Ok, so we wake up in the morning. Yes, we saw each other the day of. Maybe that's why so many things went wrong? Advice to soon-to-be brides: "Don't see your FI on the wedding day!"

I started getting things packed up to take on the ferry. We stayed in Playa del Carmen, but the wedding was on the beautiful island of Cozumel.
Anyways, I picked up the bottles for our sand ceremony and dropped one. It was in bubble wrap, so I thought it would be okay. Even though I heard the glass breaking. Sure enough, it was in too many pieces to count.
At this point I decided I had enough stress about this wedding and I delegated it to FI. After all, I still had to get a mani/pedicure, hair done, dressed and all that.

My daughter, MOH (maid of honor) and I went to get our nails done. Then we grabbed my son and headed for the ferry with my mom.
We got a taxi, got to the ferry and I realized I did not tell FI to grab the travelers checks to pay our photographer with. Since cell phones were not working, our only option was for my mom to go back to the resort and try to find him before he headed for the ferry.

So, my kids, MOH and I all arrive in Cozumel. We were lost. Quite the culture shock. A cruise ship was docked to the ferry/cruise area was packed with people. We stand on the side of the street trying to get a taxi and they just keep driving by us. WTH? I think this went on for about 5-10 minutes before we asked someone WTH? We were on the wrong side of the stop. Ok, so we finally make it to Mr. Sancho's.

I tell my WC how we're doing the music. She has a sound system set up for our Ipod. Except we don't have an Ipod, we have my FI's blackberry. WC's DH says that some phones have a different sized jack and it may not work with their sound system. OMG!! Then they say that they have a ton of music on their Ipod and can just create our playlist for us. Well, I don't have our playlist, it's on the blackberry with FI. I again say I can't deal with this. FI will have to figure it out with our WC when he arrives.

When he does arrive FBIL (his brother) comes to tell me that they found a bottle to use for our sand ceremony. It's a tequila bottle with a wine cork in it. Genius! I should have had put FI in charge of more things!
And his blackberry connects with the sound system. Whew!

As we're getting ready, our photographer starts to get worried about the light and rushes us. It was cloudy, so no sunset pictures that I dreamed about! I don't have them yet, so I can't comment.

As I'm walking to the ceremony location, I have to walk down a little hill where the grass meets the sand. Everyone can see me at this point. All eyes on the bride. Well, I almost fell. Tripped on my dress.
Good thing I can laugh at myself. But then, I was so scared that I would fall for good, I rushed down the walkway. There was no: one step, stop, one step, stop: walking for me. When I reached my isle runner, I couldn't bring myself to walk on the monogrammed part! I stepped around it!

The ceremony was beautiful. We had those closest to us read 8 blessings.
First Blessing:
May you be blessed with love. May understanding
bring a deep and abiding peace into your lives,
fostering a love that is not only passionate but
serene. May this love between you be strong
and enduring.

Second Blessing:
May you be blessed with wisdom. May you
continually learn from one another and from
the world. Together, may you grow, deepening
your knowledge and understanding of each other
and of your journey through life.

Third Blessing:
May you be blessed with community. May you
always be blessed with the awareness that you
are an essential part of a circle of family and
friends. May there always be within this group
a sense of mutual love, trust, support, and respect.

Fourth Blessing:
May you be blessed with art and beauty. May your
creative aspirations and experiences find expression
and bring you joy and fulfillment. May your sense
of humor and playful spirit continue to enliven your

Fifth Blessing:
May you be blessed with health. May life bestow
upon you wholeness of mind, body and spirit. May
you live long that you may share many happy years

Sixth Blessing:
May you be blessed with the experience of nature.
May nature in her magnificence continue to inspire
you and bring you a sense of transcendence. May
the elements of earth, air, fire and water sustain
you and heal you.

Seventh Blessing:
May you be best friends, better together than either
of you are apart. May you work together to build a
relationship of substance and quality. May you respect
each other’s individual personality and philosophy and
give each other room to grow and fulfill each other’s

Eighth Blessing:
Don’t urge me to leave you or to turn back from you.
Where you go, I will go, and where you stay, I will stay.
Your people will be my people and your God, my God.

We did the sand ceremony and oh, it was beautiful! I will post pictures after I get them. We had FFIL officiate our wedding. Which made it even more personal and special.

We also did the hand ceremony. Camerons mother read it.

When we sat down to eat, DH (yes, not it's dear husband!!) got heat exhaustion. He eventually cooled off and started to sweat, but we were worried for awhile. The food was good, although I didn't get to eat much.

We we were leaving (had to be sure to catch the last ferry back to Playa) we tried to pay everyone. We were paying Mr. Sancho's with credit card, but it wasn't working. We had been using it with no problems, but it just wasn't working. We called the number on the back of the card and they said they didn't even see any transactions trying to go through. So, we messed with that FOREVER and finally got it. I was really hoping we wouldn't miss the ferry.

When we got to the ferry, I told FIL that I needed to get my tickets out of the suitcase (he had it for some reason). But, my MOH said she already had them. Whew.......until we got to the ticket taker. They weren't tickets, they were the stubs from the ride over!!! Shit! Did I mention we were last in line? For the last ferry of the night??? FIL was on another one with my tickets! I start freaking out. I tell the guys that my tickets are on another ferry in a suitcase. Bless their hearts, they go looking for the suitcase. And they find it, but it's so late. I was so scared they would leave us!
Of course the things in the suitcase weren't tickets, they were vouchers for tickets!! So, we had to run back to the beginning and get them changed. Then run to get on a ferry. The only place to sit was in the front, facing everyone else. I saw several camera phones snapping pictures.......

When we got back to Playa, we stopped at Senor Frogs. What a blast! They made us recreate our first dance on stage. Then take a shot of Tequila. We had so much fun! I only had one Margarita there, but I passed out when we got back to our room.

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