Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Day one of our wedding trip

This would be Thursday. We drove up last night to Kansas City and stayed at the Holiday Inn by the airport. This morning we got up at 3 am. It was actually easier than I anticipated. Everyone was excited about the day and quietly got dressed and ate. We were at the airport by 3:45 am. BIG mistake! They didn't even start checking in until 4:30 am. Our international flight was set for 6:00 am. So, we started the line and waited around for the 45 minutes. We check in our 8 suitcases, and carry on many more.........There's 5 of us traveling, so this is easy to do.

This was a horrible day. My FI has (crap, I can't remember what it's called) but he stops breathing in his sleep and requires a breathing machine. The breathing machine requires distilled water. According to FSA regulations, only 3 oz. of liquids are allowed on carry-ons, unless it is a medical reason. He's flown several times with his bottle of distilled water with no problems. Well, the lady in KC decides he's not allowed to have it (even with the medical note from our Dr.) and throws it away. We almost missed our flight arguing with her about it.

We rush to the plane and all is good (except the lack of medical water).
Then we sit on the runway for an hour. Apparently Chicago had some storms and we had to wait. So, when we finally get to Chicago we have about 10 minutes to make it to our next flight. Surprisingly enough, there were about 20 people on that KC flight that were going to Cancun, through Chicago.
We all take off running.........I may be on UTube! Here I am, carrying my huge-ass wedding dress, yelling "excuse me", jumping over obstacles and just hoping we make the flight. I did see some people taking pictures with their cell phones. We get to the gate with 5 minutes to go. Except the plane there was going somewhere else. Our Cancun plane already left. You would think that walking dogs everyday that I would be in better shape. I can't even curse at anyone because I can't breathe!!!
Now you see 20 people, heads hanging, SLOWLY looking for customer service. We get in line and I call our travel agent. While we're waiting in the horribly LONG line, she is trying to find a new flight for us.

I guess I should say this was United Airlines. I'm pretty sure we will never fly with them again!!! When we get to a person and explain we missed our flight, she tells us the next flight is the 21st, mind you this is the 19th. Umm..........excuse me! I'm getting married! I will be in Mexico TODAY!! We start telling her about flights that FI was able to see on his blackberry and our travel agent calls and tells us of some flights. The customer service lady was obviously pissed that we found flights through other companies. She wanted us to arrive 2 days late because she wanted us to stay with United. F You!
Then we realize that this is probably happening to the other 20 some people who missed that flight. I go down the line and pass the flight info. on to them. Those ladies behind the counter were glaring at me and some were even crossing their arms, not wanting to listen.
Again, we will never fly with them again.

This new flight does not take us directly to Cancun. We have to go to Atlanta. Fine, whatever, I'm getting to Mexico today.

When we arrive in Atlanta, we have to get our tickets for our flight to Cancun. No problem, we have like 2 hours there.
I was so proud of my kids. They did SO well with all the running and waiting. Oh, and lack of sleep.
I'm sitting in Atlanta trying not to look at my watch. We were supposed to be in Mexico at 12:30 that day. I had pretty much every hour of our trip planned out and we were loosing hours.

When we finally got on the plane in Atlanta. I watched as my luggage drove off without getting on the plane. I posted on all that drama below........

We finally got to our resort at 10 pm. 10 hours worth of stuff that didn't get done. And life goes on.........

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