Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Our first day in Mexico

We wake up fairly early today. It is Friday. I originally planned on going to the water park with the kids today, before our other guests arrived. But, we had to do everything that was planned for yesterday and put the water park off until Sunday. (which was supposed to be our relax on the beach day)

So today we checked our email, made several phone calls regarding our lost luggage, contacted our wedding coordinator and photographer to let them know we arrived, went shopping for clothes and greeted guests as they arrived. We also filled our out-of-town guest bags for everyone.

I found these cute little bags and put stuff like Mayan playing cards, tissue, book marks, sunscreen, aloe vera gel, wet wipes and cards in them.

We made a card that said something to the effect of "if you're taking digital photos, please share them on our website...." So we have a ton of non-pro pictures of the weekend. So nice.
We handed the bags out that night at our welcome dinner. Everyone had arrived on time except FI's Dad and step-mom. They arrived shortly after our dinner ended.

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