Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Day 2, Saturday, tour day

Ok, so today we wake up bright and early. This seems to be habit forming, yuck! It's the day to take the tour to the Mayan ruins, in Tulum. Who is going? Well, FI and I, the kids, my mom, his mom and step-dad and his dad and step-mom. Quite the crew, heh? We are the only ones going on this tour, no other touristy people. I have to start this off by saying this tour was great! If you go to Mexico, do something with these people!

Our guide and tour pick us all up, and I get in the back. Big mistake. I sometimes forget I get car sick. We're driving for what seems like forever. And just when I'm about to tell them to pull over, they stop. Whew........just in time. I get out and walk around in the shade. FI's mom gives me something and I'm feeling better in about 30 minutes. Wish I could remember what that stuff was called............

The first thing we do is see the ruins in Tulum.

Absolutely gorgeous! When we were done we went to the gift shop, but I was so hot that I didn't buy anything except a picture frame. I wish I would have got a book to read more about the Mayans. Very interesting stuff.

Up next we drive to a cenote. This is my first snorkeling experience. The old foggies don't get in, but FI, me and the kids do. It was absolutely stunning to look in the water like that, but the whole snorkel and goggles didn't bode well with me. The goggles kept fogging up so I couldn't see, and I was having issues breathing threw my mouth and having that tube in my mouth. The kids loved it!! I think my son should be a marine biologist as much as he loves water.

Next we went to a private Tulum beach area. Our guide made us lunch and I wish I would have got a picture of it. It was great. We relaxed on the beach and tried to do some body surfing on the waves! This was the best part of the weekend. I can't even begin to describe how great the Tulum beaches are. You'll have to go for yourself.

After the beach, it was off to another cenote. It was pretty crowded and we were all pretty tired, so we didn't stay long. We all wish we would have stayed at the beach longer. Which is one of the great things about this tour company, they do things at your pace. No set in stone schedule. There's Ken almost falling in.

Alex decided she wanted to jump off the cliff. We really didn't think she would, but she did!! Then it was back to the resort.

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