Saturday, March 7, 2009

Weight loss

Remember when I was sick? Didn't think so, as it was a month ago. But, I was never able to get back on track with eating right and working out. I've gained 5 pounds.

I weigh in every Thursday. Last Thursday hit me hard, two weeks in a row with a gain. So, I worked out twice that day. Friday I worked out, and I've been eating better.

Plus, I've GOT to win that fitness challenge! We could win tickets to Vegas!! 4 women in Vegas? Yeah, you better look out!!

I'm determined to get better.

In order to do this, I can't sit around on my computer. Between the kids stuff, school, work, exercise, gardening, reading..........wait, reading? What's that? Yeah, that's gone to to the wayside too.

Anyways........I'm going to be exercising everyday, and eating better.

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Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Five pounds??? OUCH!

For awhile there, I was reading while using the elliptical. Then I got an MP3 player and that was the end of that -- but I started working out harder, too.