Saturday, March 7, 2009

Gardening in 2009

This is all new for us. When my son said he wanted to grow some vegetables, I was all for it! How can you say no to that? We even had an area in our yard that is fenced in and had been used by previous owners for just that!

Ok, here WAS my idea of a garden. You throw some seed around. You water it. Weed a couple times, and then POOF! you have food.

Anyone else think like that?

Then I found a couple gardening blogs.........Oh how wrong I was. Then I joined some club and got some books. Oh how wrong I was.
That is my favorite gardening blog. All about gardening and pictures of her dog! How can you not like it!

By her suggestions, we have bought all the stuff necessary to start growing the seeds inside. I'm hoping to get it set up this weekend! And of course take pictures. I really need to put more pictures on this blog.

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