Sunday, March 8, 2009


Thank you for all your suggestions on names!! We ultimately went with Fearghus, pronounced Fargus. The kids liked the weird spelling and we liked that the nickname is Gus.

Things are going well. He's very smart. We've got sit and come learned. We're working on leave it.

The potty training isn't going that great. We're crate training. He does great overnight. We put him to bed around 10, and by 6 he's got to go out. No middle of the night! And he's never had an accident over night.

But, during the day is another story. We put him in at 8, then come home for lunch around 12, and are home around 4:30.
He usually has an accident in the afternoon. Yesterday afternoon was 80 here, so we just left him outside. But, we can't do that all the time.

Not sure what to do. They say dogs aren't supposed to pee in their bed area. Well, he does. We're at a loss.

So, last night was a trip to Borders and got a new book. The other books we have just lightly touch on potty tria...........wait, that's for kids...........on housebreaking. "Puppies for Dummies" had a whole chapter on it!

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ANovelMenagerie said...

Gus is a great name!

When Claire aka Paddywaddle was a pup, she had NO BLADDER whatsoever. We donned her the "Piddle Pooch." Like you, I crate trained her while I was away. It wasn't due to weather, but rather that she was so small and Tori was full-grown. Unlike a Rottie, the Basset isn't known for great self-defense with large dogs. So, we were faced with the same issue. We did 8:30/11:30-12:00/4. I think she may have only had a couple of accidents.

Is it a water issue? Can you disallow water at the 12 visit?

Claire had many accidents and we've washed bedding and stuff more times than I can count. But, just like babies... they do grow out of it on their own timing.

Hug and kiss Gus from us! This is a great time for your family.