Saturday, February 7, 2009

My week in review....

Wow, a week it has been.

Well, we are moving on from our news last week of Sebastian's cancer. By watching him, you would never know. I'm going to have to get video of him and Angel playing, it is the best thing to watch.

Hubby and I have been sick all week. So sick we could hardly get out of bed. It was a respiratory viral thing. The Dr. gave us Loratabs. I think that was so that we would not kill each other. It was a tough week. Thank goodness for kids! They took care of us after school everyday. I'm finally feeling better, but DH is not.

Daughter is at a weekend retreat for church this weekend. I'm sure she's enjoying her break from us!

Son finished reading all the Indiana Jones books, so we rented a couple of the movies for him. Those books are amazing. Son used to HATE reading! It was a fight every week to get him to read. Then we found the Indiana Jones books. Now he gets upset if he doesn't have time to read at night! Someday I'll do a post on all the books he reads now, it might help someone else having the same problem.

I'm catching up on blog reading right now. So, be prepared for all the comments!!

I also need to catch up on reading. I was so weak while I was sick that I couldn't even hold up a book!

And homework, wow am I behind.

So, I'm off to blog read, homework, and then pay bills! I did get some pictures downloaded, so hopefully I'll be able to put those up this weekend!


Bree said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better. Getting sick sucks and it puts you so far behind in everything.

Are the Indiana Jones books geared for elementary? My son picked up one but its meant more for adults/teens and I'd like to find some more. Has he tried the Star Wars series? This is what we used to get my son into being a reader and whoa did it ever work.

Good luck on catching up!

Stephanie said...

The books that we have are geared for elementary. He's in 4th grade and does really well reading them.
When he gets home today I'll give you some more info on them. I'm too lazy to get them now :)

We do have a few Star Wars books, he likes those too.

I got him a few new ones a couple weeks ago, I'll share those too. They are pretty cool because they are about history, but written to keep a child's interest.