Sunday, February 1, 2009

It's all the rage on facebook, 25 Random Things

And I decided to blog them too. Will anyone join me? Just blog 25 random things about you.
On facebook you are supposed to tag 25 people to do it, but I'm not doing that here.

1. I've never had to really deal with death. I've known people who have lost loved ones. But, I've never lost anyone close to me.

2. I hate feet. I don't like them near me. They are gross.

3. I like raw tomatoes, but not cooked.

4. I used to be a cat hater. I now love them.

5. My favorite class in high school was Accounting. My favorite class in college was Philosophy.

6. I have a degree in Criminal Justice. I'm working on another one in Accounting.

7. I don't have a dad. Ok, technically I have 3, but I don't talk to any of them, haven't in years.

8. My kids have 8 grandpas and 6 grandmas.

9. I don't share my feelings or talk about things that might upset me. This is hard on my husband.

10. I feel as though I've lived my life backwards. Maybe that's why I act so young sometimes.

11. From the time I was 5 until 13, my mom was single. She worked alot. I was alone alot.

12. I've milked cows, gathered eggs from chickens, and fed pigs. I hope I never have to do any of that again.

13. I enjoy a life of immediacy. Is that a word?

14. My kids have tamed some of my OCD tendencies.

15. My son has 2 middle names. My ex-inlaws hate me for it. Considering one of those names was after my step-dad, maybe they were right.

16. One reason I got married on a beach is because I didn't have anyone to walk me down the church isle. As the planning went on, I had my mom walk me down the beach.

17. My mom is the strongest person I know. Everyone should admire her like I do.

18. I stole my moms car when I was 15. I drove clear across Kansas to Missouri. I spent a night in juvenile hall for it.

19. I tried to count how many times I've ran away. It's way too many.

20. I'm already planning my next runaway. In 9 years. When the kids are out of high school. We are running away to somewhere warmer and bigger.

21. I have a minivan. Those who know me from high school will be shocked by this.

22. I make my husband drive the minivan and I drive his car. For mileage purposes.

23. I sometimes think I'm a horrible mother.

24. I have worked in many different jobs. Dishwasher, receptionist, waitress, front desk supervisor at a Super 8, bartender, home daycare, accountant in training, telemarketer, drug/alcohol counselor, corrections officer, psychosocial therapy group leader, owner of a petsitting business, legal assistant, bookkeeper. I have worked since I was 14, sometimes 2 or more jobs at a time.

25. I've only consistently stayed in touch with one friend from high school. She's the only one who still lives back home.

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