Friday, May 15, 2009


I have one paper to finish, only about 2 paragraphs left.
I have one final to study for.

I left work at 2 pm today so I could get busy and get everything done.

I paid bills.

I watched the storms on TV.

I have not started studying.
I have not finished my paper.


Bree said...

Good Luck! I'm glad my time is done (at least until Wednesday). It is such a pleasure to not have anything due or pending.

Amanda said...

O you sound so much like me! Hang in there!

Bree said...

Hope you're OK. Miss reading your blog updates but completely understand if you've decided to drop out of the blogosphere. It's no fun if blogging becomes work. Good luck with school, dogs, kids, new hubby, life, etc.

Stephanie said...

I'm still here! This summer has just been crazy busy. I'll be back soon, I have so much to say!!!
Thanks Bree!

Nicole said...

LOL, that sounds about typical in my household! Good luck, it will all get done.