Sunday, June 22, 2008

Goals for this week

1. Live to see next weekend. Seriously.
2. Read 2 more chapters in Economics. Already have the first 2 read.
3. Notes on all 4 chapters in Econ.
4. Read two chapters in Managerial Accounting
5. Do the problems in both chapters for Acctg.
6. Take 3 quizes in Econ and 1 test. Pass them all.
7. Do laundry.
8. Finish payroll, I have amounts done, just have to write and mail the checks!
9. Work at least 30 hours.
10. I have 40 pet sits booked for the week and hope to do them all myself.
11. Fill out FSA form to get some reimbursements.
12. Buy a couple Wall Street Journals to write an article summary on by next Monday.
13. Get DH to bill for his side job and stick some of that into savings, and make an extra cc payment.
14. Call to get our yard marked for digging.
15. Find someone to haul all our junk off. You should see the pile of wood from the deck!
16. Don't let my son's tomato plants die.
17. Finish getting all the weeds out of the flower garden. Right now it is a weed garden and not very attractive.
19. Catch up on invoices.
21. Get DH to call insurance company, have them take pool off and add flood insurance. Oh and to price check with another company.
20. Stop blogging, I mean procrastinating, I mean blogging........

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